Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

The Beaded Candy Cane is a wonderful handmade ornament for your Christmas Tree. They are also great for attaching to the outside of your Christmas gifts.

Below are some free patterns and designs for the beaded candy cane and other beaded ornaments:

1. Beadie Candy Cane from Bev’s Country Cottage. Bev’s shows you how to make a beaded candy cane and wreath using a 6 ” pipe cleaner and Tri beads, round beads in various colours.

2. The Kaboose Family Network has an easy Candy Cane Ornament to make, using a 12″ white chenille stem, and translucent tri-beads. Parental supervision is recommended if children are making these.

3. Christmas Time Together has instructions for a Red and White Beaded Candy Cane, made using a pipe cleaner or florist’s wire. There is also instructions to make a beaded wreath.

4. Craftsideas Info has instructions for Beaded Christmas Ornaments – Star, Candy Cane and Wreath (for children 9 years and older).

5. At Craft Elf we found instructions to make beaded Candy Cane and Wreath ornaments using transparent color beads. There are instructions for a Simple Version of the ornaments as well as the Lacy Version.

6. At we found instructions to make Beaded Candy Canes using paperclips. Make earrings, link them up for a festive necklace, or decorate a miniature tree.

Have fun making your beaded ornaments!!